My Name is Christoph Kusters and I started this taxi & touring company in June 2012.


I was born in Périgueux in 1971 and have lived most of my life in this breathtaking part of the Dordogne area, which is also called the Périgord Noir.

I am a native French speaker, and am also fluent in Dutch and English, with some basic German and quite a few words of Spanish.


Before starting my business, I managed a hotel for 10 years in Beynac-et-Cazenac. Many of our guests were rather overwhelmed by all the many sites to visit and activities to enjoy. They planned to fit too much in the short time they were staying and were often losing lots of time finding the caves and castles they wanted to see. And of course the driver was so focused on the French way of driving that he or she couldn't enjoy the scenery!


That's where I got the idea of touring these guests!


It was a natural fit: I am not only a driving addict, but I love meeting people and sharing my knowledge of the area. So I decided to take my exams to become a taxi & touring driver, which I passed in early 2012, and finally got my licence in June.

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Christoph Kusters

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24220 St Vincent de Cosse


06 08 70 61 67


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